The performance of Brigadier General Agus Andrianto Is Worth Supporting All Parties


By the editor

MONALISANEWS | MEDAN | – For the first time, the ranks of the Indonesian National Police of the Regional Police of the Republic of Indonesia were promoted to become the Regional Police Chief in the same area.

Brigadier General Agus Andrianto officially served as North Sumatra Police Chief. He succeeded Inspector General of Police Paulus Waterpauw, the new promotion became a senior officer of the National Police Training and Education Center.

Inspector General of Police Paulus Waterpauw who previously served as North Sumatra Regional Police Chief since last June 2017.

Yesterday, Thursday night, at the Message and Impression program held at the Grand Aston Medan 2nd floor. Ir. Pol. Paulus Waterpauw and the wife of the Chapel used traditional Papuan clothes.

The event began at 8:00 p.m. starting with a prayer reading by the chairman of the North Sumatra FKUB, Maratua Simanjuntak, followed by dinner together with the invited guests. The message and impressions were also enlivened by artists from the capital city of Ruth Sahanaya and local artists in Medan.

In his speech, Irjen Pol Paulus Waterpauw said, Tonight we were wearing customary clothes because he was very fond and proud to introduce the culture of Eastern Indonesia to Papua. “We must be proud of our own culture,” he said in his opening remarks.

Various activities of the North Sumatra Regional Police have been carried out. He also thanked all institutions and elements of society for their support and synergy. “Thanks to all institutions and elements of society throughout North Sumatra who have worked together and worked together, we hope so that the remaining tasks are continued and this is our hope, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, North Sumatra Police Chief Brigadier General Agus Andrianto hoped for assistance from all North Sumatra Regional Police officials so that he could work well.

“Hopefully I can carry out and carry out my duties well. Especially at the democratic parties for the legislative and presidential elections held in April 2019 next year,” he said.

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He stated the request for support from all stakeholders so that what was expected by the leadership of the National Police could be realized.

Not to forget, Agus congratulated Irjen Pol Paulus Waterpauw and his family. “What I have done, I will continue. North Sumatra Police have been good and good as long as his leadership and we will make much better,” he said.

Just a reminder to the readers of MONALISANEWS, Brigadier General Agus Andrianto has been serving as North Sumatra Deputy Police Chief and has been rooted in grass to the gresroad about the condition of the Republic of Indonesia police, especially in North Sumatra.

Brigadier General Agus Andrianto was experienced in the field of investigation. The North Sumatra Regional Police Region was already familiar to him, Agus began his career starting from the Dairi Resort until he had served as the Parapat Police Chief.

His career seemed to be all the more brilliant, his closeness to subordinates and elements of society brought him a higher career path.

After going a long way in the North Sumatra region, a promotion for himself. So brilliant, he had to go back to the national police headquarters and was given the trust as Director of General Criminal Investigation of the National Police and finally returned to North Sumatra as Deputy Regional Police.

Not only that, his proximity to Islamic scholars and mass organizations and Youth Organization in North Sumatra brought him credibility as the number one person in the North Sumatra regional police.

The National Police Chief gave his mandate to continue the leadership of the North Sumatra Regional Police Organization in maintaining the conduciveness of the upcoming Grand Democracy party in April 2019.

After serving as Regional Police Chief, the position of Brigadier General Agus Andrianto was replaced by Sr. Comr. Mardiaz Kusin Dwihananto.

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The name of Sr. Comr. Mardiaz was also familiar in North Sumatra, he had served as Medan Kapolrestabes and several other areas in North Sumatra.

After serving as Medan Kapolrestabes, Sr. Comr. Mardiaz was appointed as the South Jakarta Police Chief and most recently as Coordinator of the National Police’s Personal Staff (Koorspripim).

Sr. Comr. Mardiaz Kusin Dwihananto got a promotion as North Sumatra Deputy Regional Police Chief, who had just accompanied Brig. Gen. Agus Andrianto.

Meanwhile, interrupted the Messaging and Impression event held at the Medan Green Haston Chair of the North Sumatra Islamic Youth Movement (GPII) North Sumatra Wahyudi Hardianto to MONALISANEWS said, the change or transfer of position is not an extraordinary thing in government officials, especially the TNI / Polri, but for times the first line of the National Police as the Deputy Chief of Police got a promotion as the Chief of Regional Police, this is a pride for the people of North Sumatra.

As a young generation we really appreciate the position of the Chief of Regional Police who has been mandated by the Chief of Police to Brigadier General Agus Andrianto.This is an extraordinary achievement and very step for high-ranking police officials. That means the Chief of Police has a track record of Mas Agus to lead North Sumatra Regional Police replacing Brigadier General Paulus Waterpauw, “Wahyudi said,

What’s more, Mas Agus, has known the condition of the area / Resort-Resort which is in the jurisdiction of the North Sumatra Regional Police.

According to Wahyudi, North Sumatra, for Mas Agus, he is no stranger to the task of improving the system and service to the community. “We as youth organizations are ready to fully support the task of the provincial police, both in order to succeed in the implementation of the Democratic Party of Legislative Election and Presidential Election as well as the eradication of drug trafficking. GPII is ready to be the front guard to maintain the conduciveness of North Sumatra through character and religious education by encouraging Maghrib recitation and dawn congregation, this is the initial capital, “he concluded.


The same thing also said General Chairman / Editor of Monalisa Tabloid and MONALISANEWS Online Media, Edi Junaidi, who was present at the message and impression yesterday, This is one of the Indonesian police’s efforts to maintain the conduciveness of North Sumatra, by placing a familiar leader close to the ulama and all elements of society.

“The highest leadership of the police knows who is worthy, as North Sumatra Regional Police Chief ahead of the Grand Pileg and the 2019 Presidential Election, this means that the Chief of Police does not want to miss the riots in North Sumatra as one of the biggest regions in Indonesia. What is the political temperature all day, it will increase, North Sumatra is one of the areas that needs to be watched. ” He said.

With the placement of Brigadier General Agus Andrianto as North Sumatra Police Chief, this was one of the strengths of the Indonesian National Police. Supported by his track record of starting his career after graduating from the Police Academy in 1989, he had surrounded North Sumatra.

“Surely we as partners are ready to support his work program, what else is the priority of the succession of the upcoming 2019 Pileg and Presidential Election Democratic Party. We are ready to publish all North Sumatra Regional Police activities and programs,” said Kemas who is also the Chord of the Indonesian Reform Journalists Committee ( KWRI) North Sumatra. (*)


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