About Monalisa

Overview of Monalisa Tabloid & Media Online Monalisanews, first published on March 13, 2014 in Pematangsiantar. Monalisa Tabloid as a media that is calculated in North Sumatra Province, DKI Jakarta, with circulation almost spread in all sub-districts in each district of the city. Born from the spirit of the importance of information dissemination to the corners of Sumatra.
Present in the city of Jakarta-Aceh-Medan-Deli Serdang-Serdang Bedagai-Tebingtinggi-Pematangsiantar-Simalungun-Asahan-Batubara-Labuhan Batu-Samosir-Tobasa-Tapanuli Utara-Tapanuli Tengah-Dairi-Humbang Hasundutan-Kab. Karo-Pakpak Barat.
Monalisa Tabloid & Online Media Monalisanews comes using a print system that uses digital machines, it is hoped that loyal readers of Monalisa Tabloid & Media Online Monalisanews can enjoy the news presented on every page at Monalisa Tabloid & Monalisanews Online Media Full of Rich Information Inspiration.
Monalisa Tabloid & Media Online Monalisanews has a complete database and directory of all types of news, current events, current events, as well as various rubric and other interesting information managed through interconnected news syndication technology from all corners of the city and region at any time.
We try our best and get better "There is no ivory that is not cracked", that's the saying. Even so, we will continue to try to improve all the shortcomings and get better in the future. Hopefully the Monalisa Tabloid is always useful and remains an option for all reader.

Office Address: JL. W.R. Supratman No.2 Pematangsiantar PEPABRI Complex
No Tel: 0813 9713 7899/0822 7297 2674
Email: monalisatabloid@gmail.com and monalisanews4@gmail.com
Facebook: ta (Monalisa)